Freedom of Information

Alaveteli is our software for running Freedom of Information websites. It’s currently helping people in 25 jurisdictions to submit FOI requests and publish the responses. Between them, these sites have processed and published over 407,500 requests.

Leading the pack

A special shout out to FYI in New Zealand, Imamo Pravo Znati in Croatia, Dostup Pravda in Ukraine, AskTheEU in Europe, Right To Know in Australia, and KiMitTud in Hungary, which are all making a big splash.
Imamo Pravo Znati
Dostup Pravda
Right To Know

And brand new this year!

Fråga Staten

FOI was first conceived in Sweden, so how better to mark its anniversary than by launching an Alaveteli site for the nation?

In Belgium, is highlighting authorities that don’t fulfil their transparency obligations.


InfoLib is a website for Liberia, where many are offline. How on earth does that work?

Queremos Datos

And Queremos Datos represents a new channel of open information for Colombia.

250 years

That’s how old the concept of Freedom of Information is. Still looking good.

79% success rate

Yep, 79% of FOI requests on WhatDoTheyKnow result in some (if not all) information being released.

But don’t take our word for it…

FOI remains a right in the UK

It looked worrying for a moment there back in November 2015. But in March this year, the government commission on Freedom of Information reported their findings. Not only were current rights upheld, but WhatDoTheyKnow was validated with the statement that:

publishing responses to requests should be the norm.

Obviously, we think so too…

A service for journalists

We announced the start of work on Alaveteli Professional, a toolset for investigative journalists and other activists. After consulting journalists and FOI officers in the UK and Czech Republic, we began coding. Sign up here if you’d like the news on Alaveteli Professional as it happens.

Alaveteli sites really make a difference

Have you seen these incredible stories of just what they’ve uncovered around the world?

And a few more discoveries closer to home…

And we have the research to prove it

mySociety’s Research Team found plenty to look at in the world of FOI. This year:

Wait… 250th anniversary, you say?

We thought 250 years of FOI deserved a bit of a fuss. So we celebrated by talking to journalists all over the world, and whipping up a nice Twitter storm with the help of our partners.

But that’s not all. We’d like to think we were the only organisation to also invite two Finnish comic book artists to the UK to talk about Anders Chydenius, the forefather of FOI.

Next up: what we’re doing to make your cities better